Zak Bagans Wiki, Married, Wife, Girlfriend, Daughter, Tattoo, Net Worth 2018

One of the lead investigator and co-founder of the ‘Ghost Adventure Crew” organization, Zak Bagans, professional paranormal investigators and is mostly known as the presenter and the main investigator for the reality television shows on The Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures.” He was born on April 5, 1977, in Washington D.C. and recently resides in Las Vegas.

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What’s His Career and Progression?

Zak teamed up with Nick and Aaron to make a documentary-style movie named ‘Ghost Adventure’ in 2004. And nearly four years after the first seasons and the episode aired in the America, where the crew stayed the night in the allegedly haunted Bobby Mackey’s Music World, and he claimed to get many mysterious scratch marks on his back.

He has criticized by some paranormal enthusiasts for aggressive and confrontational methods this guy uses throughout investigations. He premiered his new series on the Travel Channel “Deadly Possessions” in April 2016.

How Rich is Zak, Net Worth?

Zak has estimated net worth of $1.5 million dollars and also has massive amounts of yearly income and also the bonuses and annually salary. However, he is also famous as the richest rising star and also the reality star and also talented.

Nevertheless, he has also bought a ‘demon’ house in Indiana over $300 thousand dollars recently. And to see his social media account and wiki sites, he exhausted his luxurious lifestyle and also spent money in the tattoo.

Marcy and Zak in Love?

Zak, a favorite reality star has not married to date and also hasn’t any details about his wife and divorce as well. But some rumor about his daughter, but he claimed and said that he has no any daughter as well.

This guy has been romantically dating Christine Dolce, and they started dating from 2013, but sadly they spilled their relation some years ago. But there is new girlfriend alert in his life, and she is Marcy DeLaTorre.

Marcy is his new girlfriend, and matters get heated when Nick makes out with her. The next day, he proposed, after their first date or met and she also accepts immediately his proposed. However, the met through their close friend, Nick and she said in an interview that dating with Zak was the best thing for her in entire life. So, it seems that they are happy to each other and also madly love to each other as well.

Short Bio:

He was born as Zachary Alexander and famous as Zak, the television host and also earns massive amounts of money as well. Bagans’ height is over 6 feet 1 inch and also has a dashing and also attractive looks with his well-made-up body shape. He is also a handsome guy, found him on social media network as well.


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